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Going home with a new baby is exciting, but it can be scary, too. Newborns have many needs, like frequent feedings and diaper changes. Babies can have health issues that are different from older children and adults, like diaper rash etc. As you prepare for your baby to come home, you will want to have many items ready. If you are having a baby shower, you can put some of these items on your gift registry. You can buy other items on your own before your baby is born. The more you plan ahead, the more relaxed and ready you'll be when your baby arrives.

Below is a list of items you will need as new parents:

Cribs and Bedding: A good quality crib or bassinet is an investment one definitely needs to make. The same can be handed over to relatives or domestic help when the infant outgrows the same. Good quality cribs are now in the market and one just needs to know where to find them. You may want to get a machine that makes white noise (like soft static or a rainfall). These sounds can be soothing for the baby and can help him sleep. The wonders of modern day inventions never cease to amaze us. Day in and day out new products are launched in the market to make our lives easier. Of course Sheets and baby rubber sheets are a must (3 – 4 sets). Flannel sheets are nice in the wintertime especially if you are based in North India and where the recent winters are getting harsh.

General Items: This segment covers a vast range of products and items which you might need occasionally such as baby nail cutter and buy baby thermometer. A Bathtub – one with a “hammock” is easiest when the baby is tiny and slippery. This is a must to make bath time less stressful for both caregiver and the infant. Of course who can forget a car seat? This is truly a must. In western countries, the infants are not allowed to leave the hospitals unless the parents can prove that they have installed this seat in the vehicles.

Toiletries: This is a no brainer. Do look out for products made by baby specialist companies such as Chicco and Johnson & Johnson. These products have to be baby safe – look for baby 'no tears' formulas. You would need baby shampoo, soap, oil, powder to begin with. Infact these companies have also come up with all in one kit which can be purchased at pharmacies. Infact for those looking to buy gifts for new borns, they are a great and wonderful buy. Truly value for money and very much appreciated by families who have to buy loads of these products over years.

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