Baby Sleep Sack An Effective Way Of Curbing SIDS

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SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a phenomenon that causes the instant death of the infants. There are various reasons for this syndrome, such as bacterial infection, bed sharing, brain disorder, cervical or spinal injuries, maternal smoking and wrong sleeping position, among others. However, the most recurring and common cause of this syndrome is death by suffocation due to heavy bedding. Pillows, stuffed toys and heavy blankets and sheets can easily cause a baby to suffocate to death. A baby sleep sack provides the perfect solution to this problem and acts as an excellent bedding for babies, which keeps them comfortable without constricting their air passage.

A baby sleep sack is a rectangular, loose bag or bedding which is made of cotton; the soft cotton fabric of the sac is gentle on the sensitive skin of the babies. The sacks are designed with a large opening for the arms, a well-proportioned neck opening and a vertical zipper across the front. Nowadays, baby sacks can be availed in three sizes, namely small, medium and large. Choosing the correct sack size is vital as the baby can slip inside an oversized baby sack and be at the risk of suffocating to death. These baby sleeping sacks can also be availed with or without sleeves and zippers as well.

Baby sacks are instrumental in providing adequate warmth that is required by the babies while resting. Therefore, the sacks can keep babies safe and ensure their uninterrupted sleep even when the family is camping outdoors or going for a picnic. Sacks with high TOG ratings are also available in the market for use during the winter season or when going out for picnic in open areas. These sacks are considered as an excellent bedding option for babies since other conventional, loose beddings can be kicked away by the infants, whereas they find it impossible to kick off the sleeping sacks.

These sleepsacks also prevent babies from getting hurt by restricting their movements to a large extent and preventing them from hurting themselves. On the other hand, these are loose enough that the infants can frolic and play even while lying down. Baby sleeping sacks can be used for new born infants as well as for babies between the age group of 6 months to 3 years old. These sacks can be availed in several sizes in a variety of pleasing and delightful colors that appeal to the toddlers.

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