Baby Shower To Celebrate A Child39s Birth

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Welcoming a new life

Baby shower, is a way to celebrate a child's birth. It may take place before or after a child's birth. The term 'shower' means to shower the mother of the baby with gifts and blessing. Traditionally, baby shower took place to share the wisdom of being a mother with the soon to be mother. In this gathering, women share their experience of being a mother and also give the “would be” mother tips on how to raise the child. The gathering also blesses the soon to be mother with good health.

These are celebrated differently in different cultures. Generally, it is all women gathering for snacks or lunch. But, if the party is organized after the birth, then the baby is also present at the party. It is hosted by a friend of the “soon to be mother” as a family member does not usually asks for gifts from others. It is an afternoon party for close friends and family. Generally, only snacks are served and full menu is avoided.

Earlier it used to be small affair but now with the advent of media and celebrities throwing for their friends, it has gained huge popularity. Now, it is an event which is planned many days in advance. Proper scheduling and early announcement is mandatory.Baby shower invitations are sent in advance. These invites may vary from a small card to a basket full of chocolates and dry fruits. The party is organized at a friend's place or at a banquet hall. These days there is theme to the party. The baby shower invitations, the decoration, dress code and even the return gifts are based on that theme. There is cake at the party which is also based on the theme. It is social gathering of women intended at celebrating the child's birth and welcoming the mother into the world of parenthood.

Some people hire event managers to organize a baby shower. In that case the event manager takes care of all the arrangements, from baby shower invitation to the food. Guests bring gifts at the function. These baby shower gifts are for the mother or the baby. These gifts include clothes, napkins, toys, books and also carts for the baby.

Baby shower is an event that signifies welcoming of new life and a beginning of a new relationship. The relation between a baby and a mother is the best example of unconditional love. The party and the gathering is organized to celebrate this purest of all human relation.

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