Baby Shower Hosting A Baby Shower Openhouse Style

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Planning a baby shower can be hectic. Invitations, refreshments, games, decorations, and location are just a few of the details that can be overwhelming. The location can be the biggest obstacle. Can it accommodate the number of all guests invited at one time? If not, would an open house be a better option? Baby shower open houses are a great idea for allowing a larger-than-space-available invite list. They are also great if you know the guests are not likely to commit to staying the full time because of their busy lives. Who doesn't love a hostess who is accommodating to all lifestyles? Those who are too busy to stay may come and leave on their own time frame. Those who love to stay and chat may be around the entire time. Everyone invited will be happy to come bring their best wishes for the new mother.

This type of shower will also eliminate the need for the ever dreaded games. Instead, guests may write a few baby tips or advice in a journal or scrapbook that gives each person a removable page to write on. Nobody will have to stand around waiting for their turn with the special baby advice book. Their completed pages will be put in a cute bowl or basket and the hostess can assemble them when the shower is over. Guests may sign the matting on a cute frame for the baby room. Provide them with ink in the color scheme of the room and it will be a nice reminder of the shower. Or maybe a quilt can be set up to tie. Baby quilts do not take much room and guests can feel like they enjoyed adding their personal touch to something for their friend. No matter what activity chosen, the planning is much simpler because of the open house style of shower.

Decorations and refreshments can be streamlined. The location can be large or small depending on your preference. It doesn't matter if all the guests show up at the same time because there is no need to sit for long periods of time at an open house. Refreshments can also be finger foods that may be eaten while standing or sitting, just in case there isn't enough sitting room for a few minutes. Let the mom-to-be mingle at her pleasure. The gifts can be displayed away from the refreshments to encourage conversations in a separate area of the room. The guests will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy one another's company as smaller conversation areas are created.

Lastly, have each guest address an envelope for themselves. The new mom will appreciate having the correct address already on an envelope prepared for her thank you note. The guests realize the overwhelming task of motherhood and will smile at your efforts to decrease some of the stress to come.

Planning an open house style baby shower will help ease your preparations also. As you go forward with the planning, consider saving yourself some time by purchasing your baby shower gift online.

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