Baby Shower Gifts For The Elder Sister

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Normally, during baby showers, the highlight will always be the unborn baby. You can also make the big sister feel special too, even if somebody will garner more attention than her in the next days to come.

There are actually many big sister presents that you can give during baby shower. Here are the following:

1. Big Sister Kit

What's the best way to express her importance? Buy her a big sister kit, of course. There are several items that you can include in your big sister kit. For one, you can include a customized “I am now a big sister” T-shirt in the goody bag. Don't forget to include a coloring book about how to take care of her baby sibling. Not only does the activity allow her to play around with colors, she can also learn important lessons on why big sisters are significant too in the family. The vinyl and pretty tote bag which contain all of the big sis items will be something she'll be proud to carry anywhere.

2. Crayon Keepers

You know how children are-they can get messy sometimes. However, this may not sit well when you already have a baby around the house. After all, this means double work for you. A good way to minimize clutter while providing something the big sister can enjoy to is to give her a crayon keeper. Usually, the crayon keepers available are made up of a cloth where they can insert every piece of their favorite crayon. They can also roll them so they don't take up much space once the little girl decides to keep them away. However, for some added fun, you can pick crayon keepers that look like aprons.

3. Me and My Sister Picture Frame

Wouldn't it be heartwarming to see the picture of your beloved babies in one picture frame? This kind of gift is not that expensive, and you can choose a number of great designs. You can also place the picture frame anywhere, perhaps in the living room, in the master's bedroom, or, most of all, in your small girl's bedroom. It will constantly remind her that she's already a big sister now.

4. How to be a Big Sister Book

There are many books available today that can teach the big sisters how to help their parents in taking care of the newborn baby. They are also loaded with colorful pictures that will make these classic books even more endearing to them. Moms can read the different how-tos to their little girl before they sleep. You'll be surprised on how easy she can adjust once the baby arrives.No matter how much you deny it, sometimes big sisters can feel a tinge of envy. You can avoid that by showing her extra love even when the infant is around. Of course, a big sister present during a baby shower won't hurt.

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