Baby Shower Etiquette Points To Ponder

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A baby shower is a tradition that has never grown old. As long as there is a baby to expect, the next in line to consider is organizing a gift giving party for the baby. Although, there is no specific etiquette for this event, but there are important rules to follow to keep up with good manners and make your party a success.

It should not be you!

The essence of baby shower is the gift giving from the community that the parents-to-be belongs to; therefore, it is unethical for the parents to organize it themselves. It should not be you! Most likely, your friends and family will throw the party; and, if you will organize the party yourself, it can be perceived that you are after of the gifts. However, if you are anxious that no one would start it for you; then, you can ask a female friend or relative to take the wheels.

Helpful baby shower etiquette

  • You can have the party more than once. It is acceptable to hold more than one baby shower. As long as there are willing relatives and friend to throw a party for the coming of the baby then, it is always acceptable. However, avoid inviting the same set of visitors that you already have during the first baby shower.
  • Throw the party after the birth of the baby. You can still throw a baby shower even after the baby is born. This will give the guest the chance to pick suitable gift for the baby.
  • Party possibility for the second child. According to the tradition, baby shower is intended for the first child. This can be explained because most mothers' of the first born has lots of needs. However, each child is precious so it is acceptable for mother to receive this special event for every child.

Baby shower etiquette for Mom-to-be Party Participation

Although, somebody has initiated the gift giving, you can always offer to help. Below are some tips that you can offer to do to make the shower successful.

  • Prepare food. It wise to consider your budget as you plan for the food. You can have a complete meal or just snacks and beverages. You should keep in mind to prepare more than to run short of food in the middle of the event.
  • Give Token. This is optional, but if budget permits then, it is wise to give. You can prepare inexpensive token to the guest. Blue or pink Nail polish is a cute item to give.
  • Games. You can prepare games that the guest may enjoy. Although, there is no required number of games to be played, but preparing at least 2 games that everyone can participate is a good idea.

Lastly, a typical baby shower lasts for about two hours. When a guest arrives, it is important that you will greet and welcome each one at the door. Let each guest introduce themselves and let them say a few phrase on how they come to know the mom-to-be. One of the baby shower etiquettes is that you will ask the guest to gather around the mom-to-be while she is opening the gifts, whichshould be done after serving the food. When the guest prepares to leave that is also the time that you will give out the token of appreciation.

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