Baby Names Get Different Religions Baby Boy And Baby Girl

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Babies are gifts. They are some of the best presents to parents. Keeping this in mind, parents name them in a manner that not only it sounds good, but also has a good meaning. A name is the first thing by which a person gets his / her identity. This seems to be the first thing that a child learns to relate to. Speaking of names of various religions, these are indeed very unique. However, every religion has its specialty and it is evident that the same would reflect in the names of children. Being the first and the most important sign of identity, names play a very important role in the lives of children.

Children of different religions have different names. With the progress of time and culture, people are naming their children according to their choice. Every religion looks up to some kind of eternal and supernatural power. This is sometimes referred to as God. Speaking of names of babies, the first and the foremost things that come to the minds of people, is to names them in line with the names of Gods. This is a common practice in most of the religions. The psychology that works behind this is that, by calling out the name of the child, the name of God would be uttered. Most religions profess that uttering God's name at least once a day, brings peace and happiness in the family

The next thing that comes to the minds of parents while naming their children is the names of objects from nature. In the majority of cases, it has been seen that babies are named against the names of flowers. This is common to all religions. The world is getting secular. Therefore, babies are also given names that have a meaning from a different religion. However, whatever be the name of the child, a slight hint of the religion, to which s/he belongs, remains there. In case of Christianity, the child has to have a christened name – one that is taken from the Bible. The same applies to babies from all sects and religions.

These days, the trend is to name a baby with a different religious name. not only this symbolizes secularism, but also brings together the sentiments and the virtues of various religions. Initially, people used to stick to the names of their particular religion. But, this is not the case today.

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