Baby Dresses What Type Of Clothes Should A Baby39s Wardrobe Have

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Having a baby is pure joy and there are very few things that compare to it. When you have a baby you start arranging your life according to the baby's needs. Then there comes shopping for the various products that the baby will need, ranging from baby care items to furniture. A lot of care and effort goes into making sure that the baby is raised well and grows into a fine young kid. These are the days when you start moulding the baby into an ideal human being. You have to give extra attention and ensure that the baby gets all the love and affection that it needs.

Parents will obviously be confronted with a few problems and confusion while shopping for baby clothes. The most common issues are that of size, material, colour, design and fitting. These are highly valid factors that you have to understand and be careful about while buying clothing items for babies. The size is not just an issue of comfort but it can also be a cause for you to spend a lot of money. Babies tend to grow up very fast but baby growth is dependent on a lot of factors. You have to be really sure of your babies' growth and size while buying clothes for them. It is usually advisable for parents to buy clothes that are a couple of sizes bigger than the actual size to ensure that the baby grows into them comfortably.

The material and fitting play a major role in ensuring that babies have a good time while wearing the clothes. Look for dresses made of baby friendly materials that will remove the chances of allergy or irritation on the baby's skin. A snug fit dress allows the baby to play comfortably without making any fuss or getting cranky. Colours are not just for making the clothes look pretty, but babies are more attracted to certain colours and keep them happy. For baby boys go for blue or shades of blue, and for baby girls you can buy pink and other feminine coloured dresses.

There are some basic baby dresses that you need to include in your baby's wardrobe. Having a few of each of these items will not only complete the collection of clothes for your babies' but ensure that you do not keep spending your time and money on shopping for them frequently. Some of these baby clothes are listed below –

Bodysuits and T-shirts

Bodysuits are especially useful for an infant within 3-6 months. They are made of really soft and organic materials that are soothing to the soft and sensitive skin of the babies. T-shirts and bodysuits are items that are used as home wear for babies, and are highly useful. They are items that you must have in your baby's wardrobe. They are available in plain white or various prints and it is preferable to buy them in larger sizes.


Babies sleep for long hours on stretch and spend almost 18 hours per day in sleeping. Thus, it is essential that you buy clothes that are comfortable for them while sleeping. Pajamas are usually the choice as they are suitable and can provide the comfort that babies need when they are still for long hours. One-piece pajamas in thin materials are advised for warmer areas while in colder areas heavier ones are needed.


When you take the baby out, you need clothes that can protect the baby from the environmental factors. Layers are important to make sure the baby is safe from the wind and cold to prevent any sickness. Zip-ups, hooded sweatshirts or thin cotton jackets provide layers that help your babies beat the harshness of the weather. While stepping out in warmer areas or in summer, ensure that your babies are protected from the sunlight with hats and lotions, as they will be wearing short summer clothes.

Daily Wear

For every day wear you should consider those clothes that are simple and can be taken off easily whenever you require diaper change. Slip-on pants, side snap shirts and one-piece suits are items that you should look for. You should also keep durability and strength in mind as they will be worn regularly. Look for clothes that are made of easily washable materials as they will be washed regularly.

It is advisable that you buy at least 7-10 pieces of the daily wear and sleep wear clothes because babies will spend a lot of time in them. Hats, socks and shoes are also important items and you can buy them separately or as a combo with main clothing items. Some of the more popular brands that sell baby dresses are Disney, FS Mini Klub, Nauti Nati, Cherokee Kids, Baby League and Gini & Jony among others.

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