Baby Bedding Covers

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Your baby is new to this world and we have to take care of all his needs carefully. There are so many things you have to take care of and bedding is one of them. No matter what baby bedding covers you get, make sure that your little lamb is comfortable while sleeping. You'll want to provide your baby with bedding that is both comfortable and perfectly safe. Here's why selecting the right cover is so important: your baby is going to spend a lot of time on it – experts estimate up to 18 hours a day. It is imperative to use the correct bedding with a baby safe mattress and baby safe covers or polyethylene-covered mattress. On top of the polyethylene place fleecy pure cotton under blanket and tuck this in securely.

For starters we strongly recommend you only use natural fibre bedding covers on your baby's bed. Babies are not able to regulate their own temperature, and in particular merino wool has been found to be the best option for baby's bedding covers. Newborn babies aren't really particular about where they sleep and if given the choice, would probably stay in their parent's arms all day. Many are pretty successful too! The most common and safest place for a new kid to sleep is in a bassinette, cradle or cot with comfortable and skin friendly covers.

With newborns, choose cotton or wool covers, and 100% cotton sheets. Look for light layers so you can easily add additional layers, rather than a heavy single blanket. Choose covers of a suitable size. It's also a good idea to choose machine washable bedding and remember not to use harsh detergents because it can harm your baby's soft skin.

Another great material for your baby's bedding covers can be organic fabrics like linen. It will keep your child cool in summers and is one of the best fabrics nature has gifted us. At Dublin we have a huge collection of kid bedding covers for your little wonder. We have lots of options to choose from, colorful characters to fun patchwork designs, and you'll find something for every special baby. From tiny sheets, to blankets and nursery accessories too, we've got everything you'll need to keep your little one snug.

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