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Are you purchasing a baby shower gift or are you assisting with choosing essential items for the baby registry? Keep in mind you need to select items that really make life for mum-to-be a whole lot easier. I dons tedious and nine out of ten times mum-to-be felt pressured to choose items she really didns interests at heart. The gift needs to have some semblance to her own style or way of living. Remember that some homes may only have a shower and no bath tub. So in these circumstances the CharliChair is without a doubt the most thoughtful baby shower gift idea. Insert cheeky smiley face heret have the insight that comes along with the experience of having a baby. Hence, generally speaking mums-to-be cannot cipher between an essential product and a gimmick. Making the process of choosing a baby shower gift, time consuming, exhausting and taxing, to say the least.

With my baby registry I thought I knew exactly what products I thought I needed. Each item I chose was recommended to me by someone. I chose the pram that was advocated by a friend. I chose a car seat that was favoured by a mum and the baby bottle I chose was endorsed by the shop assistant who was serving me at the time. She was clearly getting some kind of kick back, since I heard the product was recalled for some unknown reason. Non of these items would receive any type of favourable mention now.

After having three kids, and many years of experience, I can now with staunch certainty list only a hand full of baby shower gift products that are really worthwhile.

But what does all this have to do with the CharliChair? Well, they say that . Couldnt created to generate income for a full time house wife. It was created off the back of my own struggles at bath time.

When I had my third child I was overwhelmed. Other than the obvious, being that I had three kids to look after. I was also tackling some excruciating back pain. I absolutely dreaded bath time. This is how the CharliChair came about. Ideally, I needed a chair to place Bub in whilst I showered her. It didn't exist.

The CharliChair is a shower chair for babies. It is placed in the shower and the baby is locked in securely using a five point harness. Parents can wash the baby, without bending over, without the juggling act of holding the soapy slippery baby in one hand and washing the baby down with the other. Parents have both hands free with the CharliChair. It's the answer to bath time struggles.

So when purchasing a gift or recommending a baby shower gift for the baby registry, put some thought into what essential items would make life for mum-to-be a whole lot easier. Keep in mind that some homes come under equipped with only a shower. The CharliChair is without a doubt the best baby shower gift idea. Even if mums do not know of it yet.

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