Are Kids Loft Beds A Result Of Revolution

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The last three decades have been witness to the revolution in the world of architecture. Home furnishings and home decor are the areas which seem to have reaped the benefits to a great extent. During this time the economic strength of the middleclass showed improvement and their dreams started to spread wings. Around the same time, with the change in the outside world the scenario inside the homes also improved and parents started to acknowledge the needs of the children and responded with much sensitivity. With the decrease in the number of children in each family, their likes and dislikes started to matter much. Architects and vendors registered the situation and responded to the need in the world of kids with ever modern and appealing beds and accessories. Specially designed Novelty beds for kids, Trundle beds, Kids Loft beds, Bunk beds came into fashion and won the hearts of the little clients and their parents.

It is well known and understood that kids are much more attracted to the unusual and uncommon designs than the regular ones. The same rule applies for the choice of furniture. Coming to the choice of bed/s, they are never happy to go with the plain and simple conventional single or twin beds. The unusual designs of kids Trundle beds, loft beds, bunk beds and especially novelty beds allure them beyond expectation.

However, when Loft beds are put to comparison with other beds, few can succeed in winning the little hearts better. The quality of adventure in a loft bed is so unique, it cannot be compared with any other. The height of a Loft bed has always been an attraction for most kids. There is hardly any child who is not charmed by the idea of getting into bed through stairs or a ladder. Moreover, when it comes down to the matter of safety, a modern day loft bed is quite safe as it has safety rails attached to the sides. Even the ladders are designed keeping the safety of kids in mind.

Secondly, the benefit of a loft bed in regard to the enormous storage space underneath is hard to contest. This storage space being on a lower height is easy for kids to access and therefore, gives them a sense of freedom resulting in ownership and pride.

Once again, this space underneath can be used as absolutely anything, from play area for little kids to study or even an entertainment area. The best benefit of a loft bed is that the space underneath can be modified with the changing demands of the children and the needs of their age.

Finally, these days even loft beds come in variety of attractive novelty designs. The Double Decker bus design for loft bed is quite common. Castle or tree house designs are equally adorable; however, there are many more designs, some even specifically aimed for little girls or little boys. To all the benefits of a loft bed, the added advantage of novelty design is certainly difficult to compete with.

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