Add Fun To The Party With Baby Shower Games For Girls

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No doubt, your pregnancy is the most wonderful gift from God and during this time many of your friends and relatives are eager to share their best wishes with you and also have some fun time together. Baby shower is a great occasion to officially declare the pregnancy to all and bless the upcoming child. But while arranging for a party, parents should focus more on making the celebration interesting by involving the guests in various activities. Playing funny and exciting baby shower games for girls can make the party much livelier and make the event more memorable for a long time. The games should be planned and arranged beforehand so that you could divide the guests according to the gender and age groups.

Pregnancy race with belly stuff: This is a very interesting game for girls and has two phases in it. Form groups of two members. The first phase needs all the ladies to blow up balloons and they should be evenly sized and well-made than average balloon. So, you will need to have quite a few balloons. Now the other member of the group has to stuff their shirt with as many balloons as possible and start a race to reach the destination without allowing the balloons to fall out. The one who stuffs the most balloons and reaches the destination wins the race.

Play Doh babies: For this game you will need small paper cups and few different colored blobs of Play Doh. Give the guests 15 minutes time and ask them to create the cutest baby using the play doh. To make the task easier and fun filled, place some plastic knives, toys and pencils to help them go creative. The would-be mother selects the best winner.

Diaper notes: For this baby shower game for girls, you will need to buy a mega box of diapers. Now hand over the guest one diaper and a permanent marker that won't blot through the diaper. Ask them to write funny quotes, jokes or words of encouragement on the diaper. When the parents would be awake at midnight once their newborn arrives, the words in the diaper will make the task more bearable when they see the note from their friends and relatives.

Baby shower quiz: Few weeks before the baby shower party, ask the would-be mom multiple questions like her due date, her favorite food, if she wishes for a girl or a boy and etc. Now print the questions on sheets of paper and hand it over to your guests and ask them to answer them. Instead of choosing all pregnancy questions, give it a personal touch to make the guests more engaged and invested.

Jigsaw puzzle with baby picture: This is a very interesting baby shower game for girls. All you have to do is to purchase jigsaw puzzles having a picture of a baby. You can get them jumbled up and give 10 minutes time to each guest to form the perfect baby. One who completes first within time wins the game.

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