7 Effective And Useful Baby Bath Tips To Ensure Your Baby39s Safety

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Motherszone gives you 7 effective baby bath tips that will keep him safe while he gets clean and enjoys the splashes with mom!

1. Company is Crucial – The most important thing to remember while bathing your baby is to never leave him alone, even for a minute. You must have constant supervision as babies can drown in as low as one inch of water. Gather all the supplies you will need like towel, soap, diaper, clothes, etc. before you enter the bathroom. When your baby is in the water, you must have at least one hand on the baby. If you must answer the phone or doorbell during bath time, wrap your baby in a towel and take him with you.

2. Control the Bathroom Temperature – The bathroom must be comfortably warm for your baby as children get easily chilled. The ideal temperature is around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Tub Time – If you are bathing your baby in a tub, don't put him in when the water is still running. The temperature of the water could change or it could fill up too deep for the baby. Complete the water filling process and then place your baby inside. Ideally, babies need only 2-4 inches of water in the tub to bathe comfortably.


4. Water Warmth – Ensure the water temperature is not too hot for your baby. You can test it with your wrist or the inside of your elbow. Babies and young children prefer a cooler bathing temperature than adults.

5. Soapy Stories – You can wash your baby in plain water if you like as soaps and shampoos can make the skin dry and cause rashes. If you want to use a soap, use an extremely mild one that is specially designed for babies and use it sparingly. If you don't want kids to spend too much time in soap water, have the play time in the beginning of bath sessions and include the soap and shampoo towards the end.

6. Say No To Slippery Surfaces – Bathtubs can be extremely slippery so you must make them more secure using rubber mats.

7. Growing Up – If your kid can sit up, you can use a bath ring for additional support. However, don't consider it as a replacement for your hand as children can get trapped under them. You must still have your eyes on them and use your hands to make them comfortable.

These baby bath tips will surely ensure your baby's safety in the bathroom. It is important to always maintain your eye on the baby and make him feel secure and safe during bath time. Dress him up in a clean diaper and clothes after the bath session and you can both enjoy a sweet and calming nap!

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