6 Tips To Potty Training Girls

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6 Tips to Potty Training Girls

When potty training girls, you need to set your expectations and don't be overconfident. It may bite you in the rear when something comes up and you don't know what to do. Expect that it will be a little hard and just try to follow the tips given below so that you may have a foundation that you can build upon.

Here are my 6 tips to potty training girls

  1. Use a potty chair – Potty chairs are perfect for children learning how to go potty. They are not as small as training potties, they are not big like a regular toilet and kids can easily reach them and sit on them. Most of them also have a back support for kids that make it easier to be comfortable.
  2. Be patient – Patience is a virtue and potty training can really test your patience. If you are beginning to get frustrated or your child is not cooperating as smoothly as you want them to be, just remember, they are your children and you love them. You are a parent now and you should never get disappointed in your child.
  3. Set a schedule – Setting up a schedule is beneficial for both you and your daughter. It can make everything organized so that you know what you should be doing next. Also, kids are great with following daily routines. Let your kid get used to the schedule that you drew and everything can go smoothly.
  4. Be flexible – This might be going against tip number 3 but hear me out first. Yes, a firm schedule is a must but you should also leave room for unexpected events. You should be flexible enough to cater to your child's needs even if it means that you are breaking the scheduled activities. Just do your best to slowly get back into routine and you're golden.
  5. Create a rewards system – Rewards such as candies, toys or even simple praises can go a long way with your toilet training. It can motivate your daughter to do better and be more successful. A simple praise from mom will make the child happy and strive to do better, especially if she is not performing as good as you expect her to be.
  6. Be prepared when you need to go outside with your daughter – When you need to go outside unexpectedly and you must bring your daughter, be ready and be prepared for accidental wetting or pooping. Diapers can be an option here, as well as a travel or portable potty. You don't want your child to regress because of this.

These 6 tips can guide you and prepare you on how to potty train a girl. In fact, it can also be helpful if you have a son instead of a daughter.

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