5 Useful Tips To Choose The Right Baby Name For Your Child

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You might get overwhelmed with the suggestions you receive from close family and friends about the most popular baby names 2015. Remember that naming your baby can be a truly special feeling for both of you. Since the name will affect your child's life forever, it is important to make the right choice.

Tips that will help you in your selection process:

1. Think long term – Many parents want to wait till their baby is born to think of a name. However, remember that child birth can be extremely painful and it might not be possible for a mom to make a rational decision soon after giving birth. The ideal time to think of names is during pregnancy as you will be able to make a logical decision. You can shortlist Indian baby names 2015 for boys and girls so that you have some modern names ready when your baby arrives. Your baby will have to live with the name forever, so don't stick to a cute name that might sound nice for a toddler but will become embarrassing for an adult.

2. Try out the name – When you have shortlisted a few names, try them out with the surname. Sometimes, the full name can become difficult to pronounce for other people as well as the child. If the name and surname have similar syllables, it can be quite a difficult name to speak clearly. One of the simple ways to test your baby name is to call it out loud from the kitchen and pretend that you are calling your child for dinner at the table. Does the name sound weird or make you uncomfortable? If yes, imagine how it would sound in front of a group of people. Choose a name that will keep you and your baby comfortable in front of public, for all stages of his life.

3. Keep it short – Many times, parents like a big name and want to give it to their baby for their own preferences. However, over the years, someone will surely shorten it and make a nickname out of it. If it is an embarrassing nickname, the child will be quite unhappy with you for giving him such a long name. It is best to stick to short and simple names. They are easy to remember, pronounce and they remain the same all through the child's life. You must also put the initials together and ensure that it does not spell out anything embarrassing. If it does, your child might get teased in school or college.

4. Meaning of the name – As per Indian tradition, it is considered important to have a name with a beautiful meaning. Pick a name that suits your liking and has a valuable meaning for your child as per your family culture.

5. Personalise it – If you pick one of the most common top Indian baby names 2015, it might get tough for your child in school or college as there will be at least 3-4 kids with the same name. Keep the name simple yet different with a special spelling or a unique feature so that your child has a different name.

With the internet, it has become even more difficult to find the right name with a countless pool of options. Use these tips to find a suitable name for your baby and don't forget to enjoy the process!

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