5 Things To Consider When Buying An Infant Car Seat

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Along with providing safety to your baby, buying an infant car seat will help you stay calm, making your traveling experience better. However, it is important to consider some specific points before finalizing your purchase decision. Though an infant car seat may look colorful and appealing, some of its functional points should never be ignored.

If you are looking for a reliable car safety for your baby, the following tips will guide you to buy the best one:

1. “The Five Star Rating”

Obviously, the first thing you should consider is the safety standards followed by the manufacturers of the infant car seats available in any baby store. To ensure this, you can check whether they follow the “National Highway Transportation Safety Administration” (NHTSA) standards or not. This system is based on the “Five Star Rating”, which means that the ease-of-use of an infant car seat highly depends on the number of stars it has.

If the selected vehicle seat has more NHTSA stars, it simply means that it can provide maximum security and safety to your child while traveling.

2. Check the Base of the Car Seat

Most infant car seats in Gilbert, Arizona are manufactured with a base made of plastic. This plastic base is installed in the vehicle by snapping the seat of the car into this base, and buckling up the child when you start traveling. When you have reached your destination, all you need to do is to unsnap the seat from the plastic base. Due to the significance of the seat base, it is important to check its quality.

3. Are the Straps Adjustable?

An ideal infant car seat has five straps, i.e. two for shoulders, two for thighs, and one between the legs of your baby. However, many of the traditional baby seats do not have all adjustable straps. So, make sure you buy the infant car seat with adjustable straps from a reliable baby store in Chandler, Arizona.

4. Use LATCH Rather than Your Safety Belt

The “Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children” (LATCH) system enables parents to attach the infant car safety directly to the vehicle rather than securing it with just a seat belt. So, you can make its installation easier and safer by purchasing one with the LATCH system.

5. Buy One with Washable Covers

It is definitely hectic to ensure that the infant car seat remains clean. You will need to wash it often. Make the cleaning process easier by buying a car seat that is available with washable covers.

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