What U Need For A Newborn Baby

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A child's first birthday is a very special birthday indeed! It's the day when your little baby officially becomes a little toddler. Your birthday party for this special little one should celebrate his growth into a kid. For a fun and festive party, you'll need 1st birthday party supplies and invitations, food, a very special birthday cake, drinks, party favors, and of course some fun games. Finding good 1st birthday party games for a one year old (or in this case, a group of one year olds) can be challenging since toddlers not only have a lot of energy but they have short attention spans too. However, they do love to play with noisy things like rattles and tambourines.

With that in mind, a great game to play at a 1st birthday party is “1 Year Olds On Parade!” Like the name suggests, your little party guests will be able to participate in a fun parade. Hand out instruments like rattles, shakers, tambourines, cymbals, noisemakers, and small drums for the kids to play as they follow and adult marching through the house. You can also put on marching music to add to the fun!

To add to the festivities, you might consider handing out colorful, funny masks and other accessories. You can use animal masks, carnival masks, feather boas, silly, colorful hats, and what ever else you can think of. Make sure that the guest of honor has an extra special hat and accessories to match. To give the kids an alternative to instruments and noise makers, try streamers and pom poms so that they can shake these as they march. Also, it's best to put the older children toward the front of the line and the younger children in the back. Be sure to march at a pace that everyone can keep up with. You can also wear some festive parade wear yourself! If you have face painting at your party, it's a good idea to play this game after everyone has had their face painted so they can show off the cool pictures on their faces!

This is a fun game to play at any 1st Birthday Party. There are no winners or losers, just everyone having lots of fun. It also gives the parents plenty of picture opportunities. This game is easy to do and also the kids will have a lot of fun playing their instruments, waving their streamers and celebrating your child's first birthday party!

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