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Christenings are religious ceremonies whereby an infant is baptised and welcomed into the church. At such a ceremony, the infant is not only given a name but also gets many christening presents. Close family and friends are invited to the Christening, by way of formal invitation. Christenings are generally formal affairs and parents tend to arrange a party after the ceremony for a more informal celebration of the child. Information about date, venue, time, etc. needs to be included on the christening invitations.

Normally christenings are relatively small affairs, but numbers are not limited. Some families choose to hold the christening amongst the normal Sunday church congregation, however others organise the complete use of the church, to invite a larger number of guests. In this case, christening invitations are especially important to ensure guests know the key details of the event.

Some parents wish to include bible verses on their christening invitations, and some include details of the child's godparents. These details are generally subject to personal preference. A good idea however, would be to include a contact number/e-mail address for guests to RSVP. It is also a good idea to give a date for guests to RSVP by. This aids organisation, as parents will then have a better idea of definite numbers of those attending and can provide more exact numbers to the church, for the venue afterwards and for catering purposes.

Being a formal occasion, parents normally opt for classically styled christening invitations, simple, elegant. With so many different options, they can choose different card types, colours and designs. Christening invitations can also either be flat, postcard like cards or folded, which generally allow for more text to be included. With regard to text, this can either be hand-written or some can be pre-printed. Pre-printed christening invitations, save time for new parents trying to arrange the occasion.

As well as pre-printed text, it is a nice idea to include a picture of the new baby for guests to see and cherish. Most include an area where parents can provide a photograph of their child and in the landscape cards, there is even room for up to three photographs.

Prior to ordering christening invitations, it is a good idea to order a sample if the company provides this service. Many companies out up to 4 card samples, free of charge to customers in the mainland UK, at their request. Ordering a sample is a sensible idea, as it allows you to see the card quality and print quality that the company provides.

Generally christening invitations should come with envelopes provided and companies send out good quality white envelopes as standard with every card order.

If you are considering arranging a christening for your child, why don't you make life easy by ordering one of the beautifully designed christening invitations? With their vast selection of cards, easy ordering process and helpful staff, you could have your cards within a week. After placing the order, companies ask you to e-mail over your selected pictures and text to create your card. Once created, you will receive an e-mail with a preview. At this stage you can make changes to your card and receive further previews or approve your card to print. After approval, your card will be sent out within 3-5 days.

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