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It can be really tricky for naming our baby girl or boy. We all have different thinking about naming. Some people decide a name before baby is born and some parents wait until baby is born. On what basis, you choose a unique and unusual name for your baby?

Having a name for a newborn baby is the most beautiful and interesting decision and everyone should take it seriously, because name is the only identity, which stays with him/her for the whole life. Always choose a name with a specific meaning, which is unusual and unique and has a good sound.

There are many popular baby girls name with different meanings and origins such as French, American, and Irish. Here I am discussing about French names for a girl. French names are very sweet and unique with a great sound. As everybody know that French names are usually customary but still a little bit odd. These names make a great choice about the baby's name for any parent. Every parent wants some unique or good name for his or her baby.

Sometimes, it can be tough for them to work out which name best suits your baby girl. Here is a list of some top 20 names (French) for baby girls and their meaning that will help you in choosing the best and perfect name for your little one.

Emma: – Emma is very good and trending name in France. This name is also common amongst the girls in the world. This name is a universal name. Many girls in the world have this name like some famous celebrities also has this name.

Ines: – Ines is the French variant of the Greek name Agnes, and the Spanish name Inez. It means “pure, holy; chaste”.

Clara: – Clara comes from the name Claire. It has many meanings like “clear”, “bright” and”famous”.

Camille: – Camille is a unisex name that is used in France and has Latin origins. It tends to be used in a feminine way. It means “altar server”.

Following are very common names in France:

Lola -Lola is very sweet and good name in France. Basically, it is a Spanish name. It also has meaning. Meaning of this name is sorrow.

Jade – Jade is a very popular name in France. Many girls in France have this name.

So, these are very popular and famous names in France. There are also many names are available. So chose a perfect name for your baby girl.

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