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All you peeps out there who can't figure out how to make a little baby smile, fret not, loads of people sail in the same boat! Most of us hardly even remember what made us smile at such an age, so we can't talk about experience, can we? So, it can be quite a challenge, especially if the baby is cranky, which happens in most cases at this age, to make him smile, giggle, snuggle and flap his hands in joy. But trust me on this; it can be one of the world's most delightful experiences, especially if you love children as much as I do!

As the child grows, make sure you do everything in your ability to do the right things around him. Fun time aside, even the toys you buy for him, should be ones that will influence his growth.

We may never figure out what they may be thinking, unless, of course, a really intelligent baby comes along and blows us away by telling us everything he thinks and feels… get back from wonderland now, it isn't happening (I'm sure you pictured a baby talking some mature stuff).

So, most babies react differently to how we make faces, smile and giggle and probably even sing and happy dance, all in the interest of making them smile and laugh. Really can't figure out what to do to make them smile sometimes, but fret not; we're here to give you some guidelines that will probably make babies like you more. Here are some ways to play with a six-month-old baby and make him smile and giggle at you!


Giggling baby… oh how I like the sound of that. Feels proud when you make a baby giggle, doesn't it? It's as simple as tickling the baby sometimes. Although, from experience I can say, some babies don't like tickle-de-baybey. Tickle the baby on his stomach, under his sole, his palms or his neck. Be gentle however, you don't want a baby hater, do you? So, go ahead and try this, the laughing and giggling will continue and you'll feel like an entertainer!


Which baby doesn't love a snuggle? Unless you have a baby with a serious attitude problem. Almost all babies love snuggles! But if you get into the habit of snuggling with a baby even after he grows up, he'll hate on you soon enough! Best is, snuggle them when you have the chance. The baby will love it, and… so will you!

One little piggy

One of the most popular baby-games that you could play with a six-month-old is one little piggy. It goes like this, take the baby's fingers one by one and recite – 'one little piggy went to the market, one little piggy went to the store' and so on, until you've run out of fingers to play with. You're sure to get a few giggles from de baybey! But, you surely don't want your baby's first words to be 'one little piggy'!


I would call this the most popular baby game out there and we see most people trying this at some point. Peek-a-boo is a great way to surprise the baby into giggling and laughing and pure enjoyment! In case you aren't aware, it is played like this – Cover your face with your hands in front of the baby, get close and say 'peek-a-boo', while you remove your hands and reveal a smiling face. Make sure you got your happy face on, however, because you don't want to be scaring the baby into crying!

De flying baby

Even a six-month-old baby will love this, but remember to be much gentler with the child. Make sure you have a perfect grip on the baby and thrust him in the air gently. Be slow and he will surely enjoy it!

Remember, the more active your baby is during the day, the more chances he will sleep well at night! So, playing such games is a great way to get your baby used to sleeping well at night. Such games will also make your baby smile for sure! You want to be popular among the babies, don't you?

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