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Baby sleeping bags is an ideal solution to keep the infants, newborn and toddlers safe and cozy while sleeping. There are several advantages of using these sleeping bags for babies over the traditional comforters and blankets. One of the most obvious of those is that these blankets keep the baby comfortable and warm throughout the night. These blankets are perfect for babies not only because they assure protection from harmful conditions such as sudden infant death syndrome, but also aid in building better sleep patterns.

These lightweight cotton baby sleeping bagsnot only keep the infants cozy in the winters but also maintain a suitable temperature for them during summers. The traditional baby blankets and comforters are loose though there is a risk of suffocation for infants. With these comforters, there are chances of infants being exposed to cold. The baby sleeping bags, on the other hand, are available with shoulder straps and zippers, which makes easy to wear over the regular sleepwear. The seam along the bottom edge prevents the sac from riding up or being kicked off, therefore the chances of being exposed to cold are minimized. These bags loosely encircle the infants to reduce the danger of becoming tangled. Moreover, the shoulder snaps and reverse zipper of these sleeping bags for babies make it easy to place the baby into it, without waking up. The two-way zipper mechanism of these bags allows parents to easily change the baby diapers, even while they are sleeping.

Baby sleeping bags do not have a hood but rather an open collar for the baby's head assuring utmost comfort. Moreover, these bags are sleeveless, which allow better air circulation. cotton baby sleeping bags are available in a variety of designs, colors and sizes. These are commonly found to fit infants as small as five pounds and as large as three year old. Quilted using organically grown cotton, these sleeping bags in are free of harmful dyes and synthetics thus, assuring utmost safety of the infants. Moreover, these bags are quilted for an extra layer of warmth. The experiences of parents have shown that the use of these sleeping bags promote a deeper and more restful sleep. The cotton sleeping bags for babies are tested by experts in laboratories to ensure their compliance with the requirements mandated by the CPSC standard for flammability of clothing and textiles. Baby sleeping bags are one easy way to send the swaddled child off to dreamland in a snugly comfortable environment.

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