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There's no doubt that being a parent to a new baby has its ups and downs, and if you're a single parent it can sometimes feel like the downs are winning.

When parenting becomes a struggle, it's even more important to make sure you spend quality time with your little one – one-on-one time is a unique gift for babies that only you as a parent can give, so here are some ideas for ways to enjoy spending time together:

  • Eat well – easy to forget with so much to do, but making sure you eat a good balanced diet is crucial for keeping you in the best possible shape for looking after your little one. Try to make meal times a special occasion, where you and your baby eat together, and they can learn about the importance of healthy eating.
  • Meet up with friends – quality time doesn't have to mean you're on your own with your baby all day every day. Socialising with friends is a really important way to maintain your sanity, and will give your baby a chance to get out and see new faces, and learn a bit about the world. It's always good to talk!
  • Go for a walk – being out in the open air, and enjoying some exercise, may be the last thing you feel like doing when you're exhausted from caring for a new baby, but it's actually a great way to boost your energy, plus you also benefit fro a change of scenery.
  • Jump in the bath – Sharing a bath with your baby is a lovely way to enjoy bath times together. When your baby is small, forget about the baby bath tub, simply lay them on your chest and enjoy lots of skin to skin contact, which is great for bonding.
  • Baby massage – after you've shared a bath, and while your little one is wrapped up snug in their soft baby towel, you could try giving them a massage. Baby massage is a great way to relax your baby ready for bed, and we all know the value of a good night's sleep!
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