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The idea for many of the products Cosatto sell came from seeing children soaked with rain after being taken out for a stroll – without any sort of a hood or cover for the strollers. In the 80's strollers were very basic and quite bare, leaving the poor child to the ravages of the wind and weather.

Modern day Cosatto pushchairs include a foldable hood which protects the child from the elements, with an extra rain cover as an optional.

It's not only pushchairs and strollers which Cosatto produce today though, the widely recognised brand also produce a line of popular carseats, furniture and highchairs.

The Cosatto noodle highchair is one of the brands most distinctive products and is popularly sold around the world.

The Cosatto noodle highchair features a fantastic design with 6 height settings, meaning that you can have your baby nearer the floor, or at table height for a social dinner time (the chair includes two removable trays which can be clipped to the back of the chair when not in use!), not only this but it also incorporates three reclining positions, so that your child can take a quick nap after dinner time is over, without even having to move to the bed!

This highchair is perfectly useable once your little one is six months old or more and includes a five point harness, assuring you that your child will always stay in place once in his or her chair, whatever their size or age!

Furniture which Cosatto produce includes Cotbeds, Changers, Wardrobes, Cots and Cribs.

This brand does ofcourse use a lot of wood to craft their products out of, which is why they have incorporated a policy whereas they only use materials from sustainable and managed forests – a partnership with CarbonClear means that for every piece of furniture sold, a tree is planted on your behalf by the company which is then looked after for up to 40 years – almost guaranteeing that the amount of wood used in each piece of furniture is offset by the growing tree throughout its lifetime. This is an excellent policy as it shows that the company really does care about its customers and its impact on the environment and the future of our civilisation.

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