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Most of us are feeling the financial pinch lately and we are all trying hard to cut our costs, whether it is on our fuel bills or just our everyday shopping, cutting cost is a reality for most of us.

In these hard times car boot sales and markets do well not to mention the likes of eBay. But we look at some of the dangers when we attempt to purchase safety equipment that is used or offered cheaply and in particular safety seats or Child Car Seats.

If you do go and shop in the car boot sales then you are sure to pick up a bargain, you can probably pick up a used child car seat for about 10 to 15. When you buy it, it will, more than likely look nice, be nice and clean and well presented. The fabric will look like new as it will have been cleaned recently. But what about the quality of the product you have just bought for 15, how safe is it. The truthful answer to that is you just do not know.

The main problem with buying safety equipment is that you just do not know the history. Has it been in an accident in the past, clearly you will not always get an honest answer in a car boot sale were the vendor will not be in attendance next week. If the child car seat has been in an accident most of the time it should be thrown away as the safety straps may not function as they were designed. Another question to ask yourself as you purchase your bargain, is has the product been subject to a manufacturers recall due to faulty parts or parts missing. The fact of the matter is you just do not know unless you check the model number and the serial number of the child car seat. Another thing missing from most of the sales from car boot sales and in this case one of the most important items in the purchase is the instruction book.

If you are missing the instruction book how on earth do you know when you fit the child car seat to the car whether it's fitted correctly or not. It has been reported that up to 70% of all child car seats fitted have been fitted incorrectly, and that is when the purchaser has in possession an instruction manual.

If you are going to purchase a second had child car seat we recommend making sure that you know the history of the product, where it came from for example. Most of the time purchasing this type of item from family is the best option if buying pre-owned.

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