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It is necessary for any parent to provide a safe and sound environment to their children even when inside a moving vehicle. Child Safety Laws in most countries include vehicular safety standards for kids to ensure the safety of travelling infants, children, and big kids. It is legally required to put children in an appropriate car seat according to their age and dimensions to provide them with optimal protection in an event of a car crash. Good news is that the creators of Britax has come up with Britax Frontier 85, a specialized child passenger seat which can protect your kids from the risk of serious injuries or even death in case of a vehicle collision.

Britax has the legacy of providing comfortable and safe children's products for travel. They have engineered various strollers, baby carriers, and car seats that are high-quality, practical, functional, and very safe for travelling young children. Their 40 years of stellar performance built a reputation of being the best in creating children's safety products for all ages.

Britax Frontier 85 is a Combination-2-Booster car seat. It is a front-facing 5-point harness seat which can be turned into a booster seat later on. Children who are at least 2 years old, have a weight of 25-85 pounds, and who are in between 30-57 inches in height must use the forward-facing mode. Children who are in between 40-120 pounds heavy and are about 42-65 inches in length must use it as a booster seat.

The booster seat mode is free of the 5-point harness of the Britax Frontier 85. The booster seat will utilize the vehicle's seat belt system and will act as a restraint for the kids. Booster seats raise the child up to make it possible for the car's shoulder and lap seat belts to fit perfectly across the child's chest and hips.

Britax Frontier 85 is one of the best specialized child passenger seats ever created. Britax has integrated various improvements to enhance the design and functionality of their car seats. They are the masters in specializing child safety travel products. Below are some of the key features of Britax Frontier 85:

1.True Side Impact Protection – This seat is engineered to have a head restraint that will keep the head, neck, and spine in true alignment. The headrest has specialized paddings which adds comfort and has energy-absorbing features. The side foams not only keep the child comfortable but also provide energy-absorption that can act as a shield during a crash.

2. Highest 5-Point Harness Seat Capacity – Britax Frontier 85's maximum weight capacity for children is 85 pounds unlike other car seats. Your child can remain in his forward-facing 5-point harness even he is 85 pounds heavy.

3. Quick Adjust Technology – There is no need to disassemble the harness straps to adjust the harness shoulder height. It has a 5-point harness that is easy to use to strap across your child.

It is imperative for any parent to provide protection to their kids at all places and at all times. The Britax Frontier 85 will be any parent's partner in providing the best possible protection for their little ones while on travel.

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