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Babies are delicate; hence, they require special care and undivided attention even while sleeping. A baby could be prone to SIDS or the sudden infant death syndrome. This is a term coined for a phenomenon that causes instant death of infants. Experts believe that the major cause of this syndrome includes bacterial infection, maternal smoking, bed-sharing, brain disorder, cervical or spinal injury, prone sleeping position, among others. However, the most common factor that causes SIDS is death by suffocation due to heavy bedding. A baby can suffocate due to stuffed toys, pillows, heavy blankets & sheets, serving as part of their bedding. Offering an appropriate solution to such a problem is a baby sleep sack.

Infant sleeping bags serve as a safe and comfortable bedding that does not pose the danger of constricting baby's air passage. This sack is made of cotton fabric, which is extremely gentle on the sensitive skin of a baby. Rectangular in shape, the loose fitting bag is designed in such a way that it does not hinder the kicking movement of baby. The bags are provided with an opening for arms as well as the neck for ample air passage. Furthermore, the bags are provided with a vertical zipper across the front, which simplifies the task of getting the baby inside or out of the bag.

Choosing the right size of a sleep sack is highly important as a baby can easily slip inside an overlarge bag and feel suffocated. Baby sacks are usually available in three sizes, namely; small, medium and large. Furthermore, baby sacks can also be obtained with or without sleeves, long or short sleeves and zippers.

These sleep sacks are not only meant for babies between the ages of 0-12 months but can also be used for toddlers between the ages of 13-36 months. Baby sacks or toddler sleep sacks are instrumental in providing adequate warmth that a baby requires. Therefore, a baby sleep sack proves highly useful in keeping babies warm during outdoor camps and picnics.

While selecting an appropriate sleeping bag, TOG rating should be taken into consideration. TOG is an international warmth rating that measures the warmth of quilts, pullovers and is now used to measure the warmth of a baby sleeping bag. A high rating bag measuring 2.5 on TOG is used during winters while a low rating bag measuring 1 on the TOG rating is used during the summers.

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