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Many children have been forced to undergo various difficulties in their early lives because of the neglect of one or both of their parents. In most cases, the problems arise from parents who give birth and then dump the children at very tender ages when they are unable to support themselves. In such instances, the state through the Child support services bodies come in to ensure that those children are offered the kind of life that they deserve so that they can grow up to be responsible and productive people in the society.

To be able to see to it that Child support collection initiative is successful, the Child Support Services body undertakes several procedures to ensure that the parents take full responsibility for their child or children. Any legal guardian or parent of a minor who needs child support is always free to initiate a case to prompt the child support collection through the Child Support Services. Below is a summary of the process involved with child support collection.

When the legal guardian or the parent of the minor has filed case with the Child Support services, the body will begin by conducting an interview with them to get the facts of the case. If the Child Support Services are convinced that the case meets the requirements of the child support collection, they will go ahead to locate the parent who has allegedly abandoned their responsibility. However, this will also be done with the help of the legal guardian. After the Child Support Services have located the parent, they will have to conduct tests, preferably DNA tests to find out if the man who is said to be the father of the minor is the real father. The establishment of paternity has to be conducted before the court can give orders for child and medical support. In fact, this is the basis of the case since in case the paternity test fails then there is no course for proceeding with the case.

The next step is checking if there is not an already existing court order for child support and once the parent has been located, the court will first determine the ability of the parents to support the minor. It will also decide on the amount of time each parent spends with the child and the financial needs of the minor. The Child Support Services may also request the court to order the non-custodial parent be involved. The Child Support Services will then take various steps in ensuring that the non-custodial parent takes responsibility of the minor based on his abilities.

The steps may involve wage assignments, levies on bank accounts, writs of attachment, liens recorded against real property, unemployment and state disability intercept among several others. On the conclusion of the process, the non-custodial parent will then have a right to make a request to the Child Support Services seeking a review of the support order should he feel that the order is unfair. However, the result of this will depend on the decision of the court and the Child Support Services.

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