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So, you're BFF is expecting, and it's up to you to give her a shower. Awesome! Planning and hosting a baby shower is incredibly fun. However, a few people have a bit too much fun, and let their creative side get the best of their sensible nature. There are tons of decorations, games, cake ideas, and gift options. But there are a few things you should certainly keep in mind… and a few you should steer clear of!

Worst Baby Shower Games Ever

Measure the Mother – Somebody, somewhere decided that a really fun game could be made out of humiliating the poor pregnant woman by guessing her girth and seeing who comes closest. Besides the obvious pitfall here – when Sister Sally guesses 56-inches too large and the siblings never speak again – pregnant women have enough to deal with without having to publically announce their measurements, which at this point are about 10 times their high school graduation size.

Guess the Baby Food – Another cruel and heartless person developed a game wherein guests were subjected to tasting baby foods and trying to guess what it was. Unless you truly hate everyone on the guest list, stick to the pretzel sticks and cupcakes, and save the baby food for the, um, baby.

Diaper Surprise – Here's another gross one: every guest receives a diaper, and the one who discovers they've received a “dirty” diaper wins. Or, depending on how you look at it, loses. No matter how benign your “dirty” diaper substance, it's just gross!

Worst Baby Shower Cakes Ever


While cakes and cupcakes are a kind gesture, when choosing a theme for the food, opt for predictability. Sometimes sticking to the cute diaper pins, alphabet blocks, baby bottles, and adorable animals is the best way to go.

Worst Baby Shower Gifts Ever

Invitations to Events Three Weeks After the Due Date – No, mom won't be “ready for a night on the town” a few weeks after baby is born. She won't want to leave him/her that soon, and even if she did, it would be for a hot bath and a really long nap, not to see Beyonce in concert or attend a cocktail party.

Hand-Wash-Only Garments – Yes, your handmade angora sweater is likely beautiful. However, mom won't have time to wash her hair, let alone a knit sweater. If you want to offer a handmade item, choose one that won't likely be in the range of spit-up (perhaps a stuffed animal or a nice throw blanket?) and one that the baby won't outgrow before they get home from the hospital.

Sterling Silver Rattles – What's the point here? Babies don't play with rattles, and they certainly don't play with sterling silver. Consider a baby activity center, or something the baby will actually enjoy for hours to come.

Clothes Only in Newborn Sizes – Babies are fast growers-that's part of the reason they're so expensive! It's likely the parents have enough clothes that fit the baby in the first couple of months. Think ahead and get clothes suited for months 3-6.

When helping mom prep for her first (or second or third!) child, remember that baby showers are as much for the baby as for the parents. For gifts: think practical. For baby shower games and food: think about what you and your friends would enjoy, not necessarily what will suit the theme.

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