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Bathing your little baby is not only fun for you, but it is also very relaxing for your newborn. But new parents often feel very apprehensive about giving a bath to their tiny babies. It is true that until your newborn gets down to the ground and gets dirty, it is not essential to give them a daily bath. Initially you may start with a routine of two or three times a week, first with a sponge till the umbilical cord has healed and then a baby tub bath and then a tub bath when the infant is able to sit up on his or her own. But till then, you need to follow certain baby bathing tips carefully to make bath time a breeze for your little one.

Follow a routine or schedule: Whether you have planned to give your baby a dip in the tub in the morning or give an alternate tub time with sponge baths, it is vital to maintain a routine that will help to set your baby's body clock. You can give an oil massage before the bath and make him sleep for some time. Remember to postpone the schedule if your baby is grumpy or hungry or is suffering from any tummy upset. This baby bath tip is very helpful to make both the mother and the newborn happy.

Collect your supplies: Before you start with the bathing schedule, gather all your supplies because leaving your naked newborn alone to fetch your essentials is not only risky, but also messy. So, keep all the essentials handy that include a soap, shampoo, towel, wash cloths, tub filled with warm water, fresh clothes, clean diapers, cream and powder.

Maintain the right temperature: Fill the tub with lukewarm water and before you place the baby check the temperature by dipping your elbow into it. It should not be cold or too hot. Similarly, when you undress your baby, remember to maintain the room temperature also. Since babies lose body temperature very fast, so the bathing room should also be warm. For this, you can either turn the thermostat or let the hot shower run for some time.

How to clean the newborn: If you are not aware of how to clean your little one, then this baby bath tip can help a lot. Before the splash begins, have a firm grip on your baby as little ones are usually very slippery after they have an oil massage. Remove the clothes and pat the skin with a wash cloth. Spot cleaning is best for them; clean the areas that get oily, or dirty.

Next clean the eyes and for this you can use cotton balls, but squeeze the water from the cotton ball and make sure that it is not too hot. Wash the discharge out of the corners of the eyes of the infant. You can use a mild tear free soap to clean the hair and their bottoms. But make sure not to use soap regularly as it may dry the skin. Some mothers prefer to use a lavender baby wash that has a soothing effect on their newborn.

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