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Toys and children:

Children are little scientists who discover and learn by experimenting. Playing games gives the child a good opportunity to grow and pursue new skills. Kids love to learn and play at their own control according to their unique interests. Certain types of toys are favorites of the children and they prefer to play with them over the day overlooking other stuffs. Also some babies like to play with a bunch of dolls at a time and others like to play with their favorite ones. Attractive color, interesting sound and the smoothness of the toys are the scaling points for a baby to choose from.

Adults and parents describe toys are for fun, but these are also tools that teaches children about behaviors of their own and the rest of the world. Playing have a vital role in proper development of children. Games train the kids to solve troubles, use different life skills, distinguish emotions, etc.

How to choose the best baby toys?

The well conceptualized toys and props of the child games actually lead the physical and psychological growth. So, it is important to choose the appropriate and educational baby toys for your kid. When you will step into a toy store or browse the product catalogue of an online toy seller then you will find a lot of toys. Choosing the best baby toys is a tuff job when the baby is too small or a toddler. At the time of purchasing a toy we think about its durability, quality, positive and negative impacts on our child and so many things. Buying toys for babies according to their age, ability and interests feels to be more perfect for them.

For 0-1 year old kids:

In the initial age of a baby s/he discovers own surroundings through all 5 senses i.e. sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. In this age, the baby learns about different cause and effects experiencing all happenings near to him/her. Mostly these babies wish to play with funny and enjoyable toys which includes the following;

  • Infant swings
  • Mobiles
  • Musical toys
  • Picture books
  • Rattles
  • Safety mirrors
  • Simple pop-up toys
  • Squeeze toys
  • Stacking toys
  • Teething toys

For 1-3 years old kids:

If you are going to buy a baby gift or baby toy for your baby who is just 1-3 years old then you need to be choosy in colors and design. Babies of this age group are more active in both physically and mentally. They love to walk, run, climb and ride here and there. So the toys should match their behavior through which they will be engaged and entertained for a long time. To meet their demands of mental exercise you can bring puzzles or similar stuffs. Also you can consider the following;

  • Blocks or stacking rings
  • Crayons, markers and clay
  • Moving toys
  • Drawing books
  • Push-pull and ride-on toys
  • Simple puzzles, peg boards, shape sorters
  • Small wagons and tricycles

For 3-5 years old kids:

In this age the baby starts to prepare for schools and books. Mainly kids in this age loves and gets busy in different physical and mental activities. So the baby toys should be like the followings;

  • Bicycle and helmet
  • Board games
  • Building and construction sets
  • Color and number puzzles
  • Digital toys (electronics)
  • Puppets
  • Roller skates with protective gear
  • Simple model and craft kits
  • Sports equipment
  • Storybooks (mostly imaginary stories)
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