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Choosing the products that are right for you and for your baby when making your baby registry can be daunting. There are various choices for any one item on your list. Aisles and walls filled with options can drive anyone crazy. Today, we want to help you in choosing your baby bottles. Many new moms and dads quickly think to choose between glass or plastic bottles, but did you know baby bottles also come in stainless steel? We know one more option to throw into the mix. In the early days, most baby bottles were made of glass, but as time went on the plastic bottles starting popping up because they were lighter and didn't break as easily. However, some parents worry about the plastic bottles and the potential harm that the chemicals in the plastic can have on a developing baby.

Though plastic bottles have a lot of positive traits such as being lightweight, strong and unbreakable, the concern regarding chemicals might have you leaning towards another option. The polycarbonate type of plastic in bottles contains a chemical called bisphenol A, also known as BPA, which is used in products like CDs to even the lining of cars and many other every day products. A 2007 report by Environment California showed that five popular brands of BPA-containing plastic baby bottles leached high levels of BPA when heated. BPA was linked to changes in the brains and reproductive systems of lab rats in studies made. Though the debate on whether the amount of BPA used in products is enough to cause harm to humans, the FDA in US banned the use of BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups as of 2012. Even in adults, more consumers are switching back to the use of glass, earth or steel water containers as safety issues gain momentum.

Whichever type, style or brand works best for you, always keep your baby's safety in mind. If you're not sure which one to choose, feel free to visit specialist web stores like, and let us help you out. Whether you wish to buy baby sippers online or searching for the right glass feeding bottle india, browse the beautifully crafted website. The range of baby sippers by brands such as Nuby, Philips Avent and Apple are eye catching and available in different price brackets to suit your pockets. They are ergonomically designed for the li'l hands to grasp easily and come in a variety of colours, suitable for kids beyond 16 months and above.

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