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Child anger problems are becoming more and more common and there is alarm among child psychologists. They are seeing an increase in these angry and violent episodes even among very young children in the kindergarten. This type of behavior was not there before or was much less common.

Usually, child anger problems are minor and intermittent episodes of outburst, tantrums and so on. However, parents should sit up and start taking notice if these episodes are becoming an almost daily occurrence and if grades are going down at school. There may be incidences of harming himself or other siblings around him. These are alarm bells that should not be ignored.

The first thing to do is to try and get to the root of the problem. This is no easy matter but it does mean that we have to talk to the child to find out. There may well be hereditary issues, the home setting and tensions there and also problems at school. We can start the communication process just by doing these simple things.

We should be around to play with our child because it is often through play, that angry feelings are vented and displayed. The fact that we can witness these will give us a clue and then we can start talking about these. The same applies with slightly older children because we can do the chores with them and again those may provide an insight into what is causing all the anger.

It is great if we can explain a few things to a child and the older he is the greater chance he has of verbalising his feelings. That is what we need to do so that we can channel the anger into constructive and useful exercises. We can say that there is nothing wrong in punching a pillow or doing something harmless just to get rids of this anger. There is nothing wrong with letting off steam but it has to be done in a non violent and safe way for the child, the property and those other children and adults around them

Another thing to alert the child is to let him recognise the anger bubbling up and when it is about to explode. This is like a volcano and we can teach the child to be aware of the signs and then to take action which is safe so that the explosion is avoided or at least let off in a controlled manner.

So, the best ways to deal with the child anger problems is to get to the cause, teach the child to vent his anger safely. Finally it is a great idea to talk about other ways that we can safely let off steam without hurting anybody and which is perfectly safe.

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