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Baby strollers are a blessing for parents. No more you have to carry baby in your arms and restrict yourself from day-to-day activities. Baby strollers have made life flexible and extremely easy for parents. It provides freedom and comfort to both you and your little wonder. Baby stroller is not a new concept, it has a history of 300 years and since then strollers have come a long way. Initially baby strollers were very expensive and were not everyone's cup of tea. But with changing time baby strollers have become a necessity and almost every parent owns one. The collapsible modern strollers we see in stores today are from the innovative help of aeronautical engineer and test pilot Owen Maclaren. Like almost every inspirational invention stories, Maclaren's idea to create a carriage that was compact and lightweight was kick started by an urge to fix the problem of a loved one. Features of Maclaren's designs are still infused in almost every stroller on the market today. However, while the basics remain the same, these days getting a stroller has really less to do with safety and structure – those come standard – and a lot more to do with lifestyle and fashion.

There are so many different types of strollers available in the market that it gets difficult to decide which one is best for your little one. Let's have a look at different type of strollers available in the market these days:

  1. Car seat Carrier: A car seat carrier is one of the most common and inexpensive strollers for a new born baby and you can simply push them around in it. In some cases it is the most convenient as well. The car seat carrier is just a simple frame that carries babies from one place to another.
  2. Just the stroller: You can choose a simple and plain stroller. One that seems sturdy, has a place for baby, cup holders, etc, but no car seat to go along with it. These come in many different sizes and patterns.
  3. Travel system: The travel system is an all in one unit consisting of the full size stroller and infant car seat that match and fit together perfectly. It is a convenient way for parents to purchase both the car seat and stroller that their baby will need.
  4. Jogging stroller: A jogging stroller is a three wheel stroller built for rougher terrain and surfaces. It is great for moms who like to walk, jog or run, and want to be able to take their baby with them.
  5. Double strollers: There are also double strollers, double travel systems, double jogging strollers and double umbrellas strollers on the market. These are not only necessary and popular for parents who have twins, but also for parents who have kids close in age.

The strollers you need and use will keep change throughout your baby's journey from newborn to toddler. To get latest baby strollers in Dublin visit Pitter Patter Prams and fulfill all your baby needs!

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