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Parents who entrust their children to the care of babysitters in Los Angeles will most likely all agree that their children are precious and important to them. As it should be. A babysitter's primary objective is to keep their charges safe through supervision and guidance while their parents cannot be with them. With this in mind, both the parents and babysitter should always make sure certain information is readily at hand to make it possible.

Prior to the first shift for babysitters in Los Angeles, a detailed list should be drawn up to include various information that may be needed.

  • Phone numbers. While it is unlikely for babysitters in Los Angeles to need every last one of them, a list should include phone numbers for the workplace of a parent, schools the children attend, the number for local authorities, and two alternate emergency contact numbers; usually friends or family the parents and children trust.
  • Safe areas. Babysitters in Los Angeles will sometimes want to bring the children on an outing. Giving a list of approved “safe” areas by the parent ensures that the babysitter will not stray with the children anywhere the parent would not feel comfortable with if they learned about it after the fact. This is also helpful for a parent who may get home early, wanting to surprise the children wherever they may be.
  • Foods. Children are seemingly always hungry. They will ask for treats, sweets, and many other things to much on. Supplying babysitters in Los Angeles with a specific list of approved foods and snacks will make the babysitter's job much easier. When in doubt, all that is needed is for babysitters in Los Angeles to check the list and answer as the parent would.
  • Allergies. No matter how minimal the reaction may be to an allergy, it is always good to inform a babysitter in LA of any and all allergies a child may have, and instructions on what to do if a reaction occurs. This list will also be useful in an emergency that requires a call for help, so that anyone who responds can take the allergies into consideration.

In most cases, most of this information would be left unused, however, for the safety of the children, it is best to have the information available and unused, than to be left in the dark when such information may be needed.

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