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Learning Objectives: The students will

1.Understand that individuals share similarities and differences.

2.Engage in a variety of oral language experiences.

3.Utilize their research skills by conducting interviews.

4.Enhance their critical thinking skills by analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information.

5.Express their ideas in oral, visual, and written forms.

TEKS: SS K.11, K.15A,B,D, K.16, 1.17A,B,D, 1.18, 2.17A,B,E, 2.18

LA K.1A-D, K.12B, 1.1A-D, 1.15B, 2.1A-D, 2.12D

Materials: Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes, copies of the Homework Interview Sheet attachment for each student, copies of the Portrait of Me attachment for each student, crayons

Vocabulary: begrudging, chrysanthemum, discontented, differences, dreadful, envious, indescribable, jaundiced, miserably, Parcheesi, scarcely, similarities, trifle, winsome, wilted

Teaching Strategy:

1.Introduce the lesson by asking students if they have ever had someone else tease them or make fun of them. Ask students to share how it made them feel. Tell them that you are gong to read a story about someone who was made fun of at school because of her name.

2.Read the story Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes.

3.Discuss any or all of the following questions:

A.Why do you think Jo, Rita, and Victoria made fun of

Chrysanthemum and teased her?

B.Do you think they were being fair? Why or why not?

C.How did their remarks make Chrysanthemum feel?

D.If you had been one of Chrysanthemum's classmates, what might you have said to make Chrysanthemum feel better?

E.In what ways did Mrs. Twinkle help solve the problem?

F.What do you think is the main point the author was trying to make by writing this story?

G.How does it apply to your life?

4.Give each student a copy of the Homework Interview Sheet attachment. Instruct them to interview their parent(s)/guardian to find out who chose their name and why it was chosen. They should record their findings on the interview sheet and bring the sheet back to school with them the next day. (Students may also gather information concerning the meaning of their name, if desired.)

5.The following day have students share the information they collected concerning how they got their names. Explain that it doesn't matter whether their names many letters or fewer letters, or even if someone else in the class has the same first name that they have. Their names are special because they represent who they are.

6.Give each student a copy of the Portrait of Me attachment. Explain that they will be representing things about themselves on the frame. They should: write a word that describes them and their first names using words, represent their favorite sport, animal and food with pictures, and use their favorite color in the favorite color section of the frame. In addition, the students should draw a self-portrait inside the frame.

7.After portraits have been completed, have students compare and contrast their pictures noting ways that they are like other classmates and ways that they differ. Display portraits on the bulletin board.

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