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Earlier there were only cloth nappies and then disposable and pre-loved nappies overtook the market. But since the last decade cloth are again making an inroad to the market. Though disposable nappies are still widely popular but more and more parents are now inclined towards using cloth nappies for certain benefits over the other. These are more economic and at the same time reduce chances of nappy rashes in babies.

Cloth nappies have been reintroduced to the market in more upgraded version. It has been modernized to absorb better and to keep the baby dry for longer. Many parents are now using both disposable and cloth interchangeably. The greatest benefit of using is that those are reusable. One can wash and use the same cloth piece again. Further, these can be kept for any future use when a new baby is born. This undoubtedly improves finances by saving the money spent on buying disposable nappies.

Cloth nappies also give better fitting by fitting snuggly on the baby. Modern cloth diapers are no longer the ones used in our childhood. It has been greatly improved to absorb wetness better. We have discussed below a few types of cloth currently available in the market.

Fitted diaper: These are designed to snuggly fit onto the baby. Made of super absorbent material, using hemp, cotton and bamboo, to keep the baby dry for long. These have elastics around legs and Velcro for better fitting and to prevent leakage.

All-in-One and All-in-Two Diapers: These all-in-one diapers are more like disposable diapers. The absorbent pad is directly sewn to a waterproof cover. These are more convenient to use and don't require folding. But these must be washed after single use.

Pocket nappies: These nappies come with a pocket to hold a soaker.

Interestingly you can now buy an entire range of online. You can search and get informed about the various types of cloth available in the market. If you decide to buy nappies online you can also save on bulk purchases.

Using cloth nappies is really fun. These also come in bright colors and patterns making them even more attractive. On the flip side it may increase your cost of laundry but when you calculate the total saving that you are making, plus its environmental impact, are any day better option for your baby.

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