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Have you finally decided to get your child both a pacifier and pacifier holders? You may be wondering how something as tiny as a pacifier could cause so much fuss in the parenting world. Many moms and dads are passionate about whether or not a pacifier really is good for their baby, not to mention the accessories that come with them, such as a pacifier holder. Therapists, parents and paediatricians have been weighing the possible benefits of pacifiers.

As a matter of fact, there are a few great reasons for using pacifiers and their holders. If you have ever seen parents who have acquired a few minutes of quiet time with the use of a pacifier, you will understand that one of the greatest benefits is just that. What most people don't realize is that pacifiers actually have more benefits that just that. For one thing they help infants get themselves pacified. Infants need to find ways to self-sooth. Pacifiers can be one source of soothing for a colicky or a crying child. It has also been recommended to parents just recently that perhaps they may want to consider letting their child sleep with pacifiers in the first year since this protects against the dreaded SIDS. Doing this has a protective effect against the dreaded syndrome of sudden infant death. When you put baby down to sleep, use a pacifier but do not put it back in his mouth once he is already in dreamland. Naturally, you won't have to pick up your baby's pacifier if it falls off time and time again if you happen to have a few pacifier holders along with the pacifier. You can even buy holders that match your child's outfits of baby gear, such as a pink holder that you can attach to a pink stroller.

The suck reflex is also satisfied with a pacifier among smaller children. Some babies have a necessity to suck that exceeds the period they get on the breast or the bottle. For infants such as these, pacifiers can meet this actual necessity. Other parents can tell you that it is easier to wean a baby from a pacifier than his or her own thumb, when weaning time comes around. Keep in mind that when you purchase a pacifier, there is an age you need to watch out for that is on the label. For instance, when you buy an older child a pacifier meant for newly born babies this could pose as choking hazards.

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