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Internet has made the world a small place to live and shop in. So, a good gift is always within reach and within your budget. Personalized gifts are flavors of the season and make for ideal Christmas and Newborn Gifts. Here are top 10 gifts which every child and parents will savor forever:

i. Gift basket: A personalized gift basket is always a big hit with all the new parents. Credit must be given to modern day retail stores for coming up with awesome ideas and decorating gift baskets with both essential and alluring items. They may include anything from blankets to clothes to bibs- and that too, personalized.

ii. Clothes: You can buy a new dress for the baby and you would get approval from all the admirers. Just make sure to personalize the dress. These dresses are available in cute colors meant for both baby boys and baby girls.

iii. Silver gift: A personalized silver gift is another big hit for newborn and Baby Christmas Gifts. Silver color has an element of auspiciousness to it and always finds takers. Silver gift items can also serve as keepsakes and be savored for eternity. By inscribing the name and the birth-date of the baby, you can personalize them.

iv. Bath kit: A personalized bath kit is another item which can make both the baby and the parents happy. Personalized baby kits are certainly very cute since they contain animations or cartoon characters and the name of the baby can also be printed there. Besides, these are gifts which will find use in the day-to-day life.

v. Book: A baby is not old enough to flip through a novel. But a color book filled with pictures will definitely keep it hooked. Now-a-days, special custom books are available which have unique ways of telling a tale.

vi. Photo frame: One of the most popular and also cheap Newborn Baby Gifts is a photo frame. It is important that you make it personalized by engraving the name and birth date of the child. You can also incorporate a sweet quote; say about a mother-child relationship.

vii. A hand-made gift: Nothing will appeal to the parents more than something which is hand-made. If you can find time to knit a sweater or make a baby gift for the child, then it will give you a lot of joyful satisfaction.

viii. Bedding: A baby needs a special bedding set. It can be a bit expensive if you are going for the whole set, but can serve as perfect gift.

ix. Toys: Ah, which baby is going to say no to a toy! Toys of all kinds always succeed in bringing a chuckle to the baby's face. Plus, the range of toys available these days is simply unbelievable.

x. Soft toys and teddy bears: The list of newborn and Christmas Gifts cannot be completed without including the name of soft toys and teddy bears. These gifts become all the more significant if the baby in question is a girl.

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