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Nappies are best friends of babies and mummy's. A nappy has all the goodness of soaking up the wetness that makes a baby uncomfortable. There are fitted nappies available out there that absorb all the wetness and provide your baby the comfort. Some nappy come with elastic legs, there are nappy made of velcro material and some nappy are fastened with a thread that ensures your baby get the right fit. You also get waterproof nappies. Then there are nappy made of cloth. You also get reusable nappy specially designed for the kids who go to swimming. Such nappy are also environment friendly. The material that functions in soaking up the wetness could be made of bamboo. You also get cotton, or microfiber as absorbent material. There are materials tucked in a nappy that are waterproof and laminated. These nappy help breathe properly and allow free flow of air providing immense comfort to your baby. You could choose from beautiful colors and smart designs that match up to your kid's style.

Baby bottles come in different shape, size, color, brand to suit your requirements. You get large sized bottles that measure about 270 ml and the smaller one hold up to 150 ml approximately. There are different types of bottles available in the market with more or less similar function. Vented bottles help in free flow of air in baby's bottles. Research is on with new technology implemented in areas of baby bottle. With different type of spouts for kids who are slightly older you get bottles that you could convert to sippy cups. As the kid grow older there has to be a change in the feeding system and things such as sippy cups or straw cups would be introduced. You could also go for accessories with bottles such as brush to clean the bottle and drying racks. Brushes are uniquely designed according to the style of the bottles. These days you get designer bottles that double up as wonderful gifts for parents and something interesting to hold on to for the kids. You could keep your bottles clean by sterilizing the bottles with warm water. You must be wondering with so many opportunities whether you should opt for glass, plastic, disposable bottles or BPA-free bottles? Whether you would need a bottle warmer or a sterilizer? There are other accessories attached to bottles and as you grew up as parents you would come across materials that you would follow your intuition whether to go with them or not.

Babies and toys are synonymous. You get a variety of baby toys these days from different brands. It's always advisable to go for toys that stimulate your baby's creativity. There are toys that easily help in developing a kid's mind. Then you could go for kids toys that are educational in nature. Toys such as scrabble, bugle, puzzle games and mind games are highly popular as mind stimulator.

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