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A less known syndrome has prompted mothers to look for the perfect replacement of blankets. According to the reports, babies less than the age of one, succumb to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). One of the reasons for this is the use of blankets while sleeping that causes suffocation and then ultimately death. Traditional blankets can be kicked off by the babies during their sleep that can make them susceptible to cold weather. Blankets can even cover the baby's face that can result in breathing problems. Thus, in order to avoid all these issues, baby sleeping bags were introduced that aim at giving necessary warmth without overheating the baby during sleep. A peaceful and uninterrupted sleep is important in order to achieve the overall development and growth.

Baby slumber sacs are designed in such a manner that would give uninterrupted sleep with extra warmth and comfort. Also called as sleep sacks, these sleeping bags are meant to be worn over the nightwear. Therefore, as opposed to traditional sheets or blankets, sleep sacks cannot be kicked off by baby. The baby slumber sacs are extremely safe as these are made without the use of harmful chemicals and flame retardants.

Moreover, baby sleeping bags go through numerous laboratory tests as the production of this product needs to match the flammability standard of textiles. These sleeping bags are meant for babies sleeping in the crib. Parents should avoid keeping soft toys and pacifiers in the crib while the baby is asleep as such objects restrict their movement.

Best baby sleep sacks have number of comfortable features that include the large zipper and the shoulder snap design. Baby sleeping bags are made of 100% cotton and possess quilted duvet material that is responsible for providing comfort all night long. These sleep sacks are available in three different sizes according to the age of the babies. Babies who are 0-6 months old need small size bags. Medium size is recommended for the babies of 6-18 months and large size is for 18-36 months. Parents should purchase baby slumber sacs according to the size of the baby as the right size ensures the better circulation of air inside the sleeping bag. Glow-in-the dark zipper is another option in order to check the baby during night. Sleep nest lite can be used during summers with the room temperature exceeding 74F. Though baby sleeping bags are completely safe, nevertheless parents should check the temperature of the baby once at night.

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