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Young men should learn sewing skills for numerous reasons. The enjoyable projects are not just for young girls. A boy from the age of nine and twelve normally has the fine motor skills necessary to cut fabric, thread a needle and stitch 2 pieces of fabric together. Practice makes perfect, as they say. Sewing gets straighter and simpler in time.

When one starts at the beginning, a brief safety lesson is an important idea. Needles and scissors are sharp tools. They need to be protected from damage, too. Thus, a lesson concerning putting away the implements in the appropriate place is a good idea. If there are little children in the home, the older boy might need to be reminded to place items out of their reach.

An easy boys sewing projects to sew is the treasure stick sack. Your child might like going out and searching for a little stick that is fitting for the project. Or the 2 of you could look for the stick while taking a walk together.

The stick will be used to carry a satchel which can be hung on the wall. The satchel can be used to hold badges, stones, trinkets or all types of small articles.

The bag is normally sewn from felt, at least 4 by 11 inches in size. If your son would like to make a bigger pouch, he might want a bigger stick. Fold the felt to create a pouch with a flap.

Use a hand stitch to sew the sides and make the pouch. The stick is stitched on, above the bag where the flap folds over again using the whip stitch, stitch around the fold and stick. A piece of yarn can be fastened on the end of the sticks to permit it to hang on the wall. You could decorate the yarn with beads. Also the the front of the satchel could be decorated if your son would like.

Sewing pillow slips is yet another of the beginning boys sewing projects. Your son can go with you to the fabric store to choose a material which he likes. It should be easy enough for you to teach him how to stitch the seams to sew together the side seams which will become the pillow slip.

Children also like to make pencil cases, lap desks, and other projects when they learn sewing. These are helpful skills that may develop into a hobby that will last a lifetime.

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