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People are busy these days and when they take time out from their schedule to help other people to celebrate a special day such as a baby shower then it is important to show your appreciation by giving them a token of that appreciation in the form of a unique baby shower favor. Just as important, the right choice of baby shower favors can also provide your guests with a lasting memory of your special day.

Baby shower favors do not have to be elaborate or expensive and, even if your budget is tight, it is important that you buy or make something which your guests can take home with them when they depart. The important point is not that a favor is big, elaborate or expensive, but that it is something which makes your guests smile.

Favors can be either handmade or you can buy them from a range of retail outlets, or even purchase them online. They can be just about anything including candles, chocolates, picture frames, cookie cutters, shower gels, seed packets, or just about anything you can think of which works best with the theme of your baby shower. Among some of the many favorites today are little yellow ducks and candles which are shaped like baby bottles and appropriately colored in pink or baby blue.

For more formal baby showers there is an impressive assortment of upscale favorites available including silver-plated coffee scoops, demitasse tea spoons with pink or blue ribbons, chocolate truffles or candles set inside crystal baby booties. And as a finishing touch, what could be more appropriate than presenting these cute baby shower favors in baby shower gift bags and boxes?

Prices for baby shower favors can range from under $1 each to considerably more and, if you are not careful, they can throw your budget out of balance. And do not forget that, as each guest needs a favor, the more guests you have the higher your expenditure. Another thing to think about before buying favors is your guests themselves. If your guest list includes people across a wide age range, a mixture of married and single women, mothers and mothers-to-be or men then you may need to give your baby shower favor ideas a little bit of extra thought.

It is simple enough to buy baby shower favors from your local party supply store or at one of the many online stores and you should start looking for suitable favors about a month or so before the actual day of your party. By this time you should have a good idea of guest numbers and it will also allow you plenty of time to look for something unique to complement the theme of your party or to get hold of favors which might need to be purchased as a special order. It is important that you do not leave shopping for your favors until the last minute otherwise you might not be able to get what you want and end up having to pick up something which you are not happy with and which may be less than impressive to your guests.

Finally, do not forget that most people appreciate receiving handmade gifts and so, if you have the time and the talent, there really is nothing better than making your own baby shower favors.

Baby shower favors are often something of an afterthought and yet they are a very important part of your overall baby shower planning and need to be considered well in advance of your special day.

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