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Gone are the days, when a few feeding bottles and diapers were the only items available for baby care. With the advent of internet and technology, India too has entered the infant products market. There are myriad of website and stores that sell latest baby products in India.

Baby products in India have been revamped, and Indian mommies are equipped to take good care of their baby's.

In India, baby products from global brands are available on the store racks.

Huggies is a leading name in the baby products industry in India. Huggies has introduced different variety of diapers that cater to varied age group and requirements.

The name Huggies is synonymous with diapers and Huggies diapers are available in almost every state and city in the country.

The newborn's skin is extra soft and sensitive, it required care and attention. Baby skin care tips are passed down from one generation to the other and nowadays, there are websites, blogs and podcasts that give exhaustive and extensive list of care tips. You will not become an expert in a day, but slowly and steadily, new mothers know to handle rashes as well as take good care of newborn. To make life easier, you can also use the variety of baby care products available in the market.

There are few baby skin care tips that you need to keep in mind. Keep the baby's skin amply moisturized. Try and use known and renowned brands of baby care products. Avoid overdoing anything, as your newborn's skin is sensitive. If you feel a particular product is causing rashes then immediately discontinue it.

Another important thing in newborn skin care is choosing the right diaper. Diapers can also cause rashes and itchiness. Huggies diapers are specially designed taking into consideration the extra sensitivity of newborn skin.

Huggies have been clinically tested and it's proven that Huggies diapers prevent skin rashes. The super absorbent diapers keep the bottom dry. Even after wearing the Huggies diaper for hours they baby is completely comfortable.

Huggies products are available online as well as at different departmental stores. You can choose from the different product lines. The Huggies Total Protection diaper ensures that skin is soft and special breathable material has been used. New Huggies Wonder-Pants are to be worn like pants and are easy to use; you can simply change the diaper, while it is playing without interrupting its playtime. You can also check the Huggies website for detailed information about the products.

Armed with a range of baby care products and a positive attitude, you can surely take good care of your newborn.

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