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If you have just received news about a baby in the family or are expecting a little one, you can browse through some of the most popular baby names of 2015 and find that that is best befitting the apple of your eye.


  • A Goddess or God's Avatar:
  • Even though modern times are here, a lot of families value their roots and heritage prompting them to use monikers that identify with the Gods and Goddesses. Aaditri based on Devi Laxmi is an excellent choice for households that feel blessed by the impending arrival of a little devi. Lemmie is a new addition that is a good preference for parents who are pious and wish to have a religiously inclined ward.

    Leeladhar, Bhesaj based on Lord Vishnu and Leelakar for Lord Krishna still remain popular.

    • All About the Z's:

    Although few begin with the letter Z; Indian baby names of 2015 are highly inspired by the last letter of the alphabet, as it offers exclusivity. Ziana signifies courage that is a lovely option for a little lady. Zhaanjar a modern twist to payal, the word essentially means a pajeb. Zaara is taken to signify a flower, as is Zaitun making a delightful choice for a pretty little girl.

    Zenith is an alternative for a computer that is an ideal choice in the digital age. Parents adore Zian as it is perfect for kids who love peace, while Zubin signifies a boy with a smart mind.

    • Wish Upon a Star:

    Some parents like to choose a special name based on the little one's Nakshatra or star as it is deemed auspicious. They tend to choose options like Aadhya, Aabha, Aadita and Baivavi or Bahula. Ashwini, Bharani, Krithika and Mrigashiras although heavy on the tongue are popular nevertheless. Other Nakshatra monikers include leela, Lucia and Ashlesha for gals.

    Your little prince can also be called Paarth, Pachai, Paawan or Pachak for an innovative twist. Jaffa and Jag along with Bhooshan, Jagbir are also intriguing Nakshatra choices.

    • Monikers Based on Favored Colors:

    Some families associate the introduction of a new member with their life becoming more colorful. They like to pick out certain monikers that indicate colors for their child. Anikant indicates a blue gem, Indeever, Udhay and Indivar a blue lotus, while Nasreen is a flower of the same hue. Puskara signifies a water fountain, Sunil a blue rock and Shakunth a Blue Jay.

    Families who adore shades of pink go for Shoni symbolizing a scarlet lotus, as Souri does a rose, Nitha or Rushmati for their little princess. Ramisa, Divyathi and Hawra are selections ideal for families who wish to use a moniker meaning white and signifying purity.

    Having looked through the trending new baby names of 2015 you can now pick the most unusual one that perfectly suits your child.

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