New Born Baby Winter Clothes

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1. Baby Booties:

Nothing can be as special as your care for the soon to be born baby. So, gift a beautiful pair of baby booties that can help in providing the much needed protection and support to the tender feet of the new born. You can even gift a set that has baby booties for different months.

2. Baby Carrier:

There is no denying the fact that a baby carrier has become one of the most sought after items for the modern age parents. It not only makes it convenient to carry the child, but also helps in nurturing the parent-child bond. So, get a strong and sturdy baby carrier from a renowned brand and gift them to the mum-to-be at her special day.

3. Tummy Time Mat:

A soft and padded play mat that comes with a pillow can prove to be a great gift to help the new born have some playful tummy time. Make it fun and comfortable for the little one to have a good time on their own with this interesting gift idea.

4. Feeding Pillow:

A maternity feeding pillow is a good gift for a nursing mother who requires comfort and convenience while feeding her child. With a firm support, such a pillow will also help in lessening strain on the back, neck and shoulders. You can even go for a nursing pillow that comes with a wrap around design with arm and elbow rests, to help the baby and the mum in maintaining the ideal position while feeding.

5. Baby Cradle:

A compact and robust baby cradle helps in putting a baby to sleep with greatest ease. So, get a baby cradle that is well-built and truly attractive to please the little one as well as their parents. Go for a cradle that comes with soft cotton cushion to provide the much needed support to the new born. If you can get a product that comes with a mosquito net attached to the tong, helping in shielding the baby from the insects, then it will undeniably be a great item to gift to the new parents.

6. Diaper Bag:

A diaper bag is one of those things that are highly needed by the new parents. It not only makes travelling with infants much easier, but also helps in properly organising the stuff required for a new born. If you want to go a step further, then you can even gift the bag with the essentials in it to make it as a great and one of the unique baby shower gift ideas which shall be cherished by the couple forever.

7. Baby Bath Time Accessories:

Gifting bath time accessories is a wonderful option as these are something that the new parents will definitely have to use in the future for long, so the more they have it the better it is. Thus, if you are looking for a fool proof option that will surely come into use after the birth of the baby, then gift bath time accessories such as soaps, shampoos, creams, oils, lotions, and the rest.

8. Baby Clothes:

The market is flooded with cute adorable dresses for the little ones. You can surely pick some clothes for the baby, as these will certainly come handy for the parents while dressing their angel.

9. Diaper Changing Mat:

Gift a soft and comfortable diaper changing mat, which can also work as a mattress protector. This is one of the most practical baby shower gifts ideas as it also helps in protecting the baby from allergens, dust mites, fungus, bacteria, etc.

10. Baby Sleeping Bag:

Another practical baby shower gift item can be a soft and nurturing sleeping bag for the baby which makes sleeping safe and comfortable for the little one.

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