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When it comes to the best car seats for 20 lbs. and up babies, there are two types. The first is the infant car seat; however, it can only be used for a limited because infant seats can only accommodate babies weighing not more than 35 pounds. However, this is considered to be the safest of all because it is used in a rear facing position. The rear facing position is required for babies not more than 35 pounds and less than 2 years old.

On the other hand, most parents use the convertible seats for 20 lbs. and up. This can be used rear facing and when your child reaches more than 35 to 40 pounds or until he turns 2 years old, as per recommendation by the safety board; he can now be switched to a forward facing position. There are other convertible seats that can accommodate more than 70 pounds, and by this time, the seat can now be converted into a booster.

The best car seats for 20 lbs. and up should have the qualities that can protect your child. It can either give him the lesser chances of getting injuries or better yet, none at all. Here are some of the things you need to consider on how to spot the best car seats for 20 lbs. and up.

  • Easy installation – you need to ensure that it is easy to install. This is because if the process is too complex, instead of protecting your child, it might end up hurting him.
  • Harness – you can choose to have a seat that has a five-point harness. Perhaps, this is the safest type of harness. Besides that, there are harnesses which have light or sound indicators so you can be sure that it is properly fastened. You may also want to consider a harness that does not need any re-threading, at least this way, you can use it as it is without having to remove and put it all back again. Of course, one of the best things that you can choose is a harness that is color coded. This type will let you attach the belt and lock according to its color thus; you will never have to worry about not putting the buckle or lock in its right position.
  • Belts – choose those that can be adjusted in front. This way, you never have to take so much time in adjusting them just to make sure that they are properly fastened.
  • LATCH system – you need to make sure that the LATCH system can be easily attached to the base of your car. Perhaps this is one of the most critical parts in a car seat considering that if it is not properly installed, the seat will be deemed useless.
  • Cleanliness – this matters a lot since you do not want your child to get sick because of a dirty seat. Make sure to buy something that can be easily cleaned, perhaps, washable for a better way of maintaining it.
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