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In the days of yore all mothers would breast feed their babies. It was something that was not needed to be told, a motherly instinct, so to say. But then, women did not work outside their home and home making and motherhood was the career they took seriously. In the comfort and privacy of the home, breast feeding was not only easy but also pleasurable experience for both mother and child.

Breast feeding covers were invented for the educated women who take up a career outside the home and consider that giving birth to children and rearing them is not a responsibility that they want to take on alone. Looking after themselves, their appearance is an important part of their lives. And apart from all these things, how can they do this very private act of breast feeding in public?


Breast feeding cover was the answer. Breastfeeding covers have given the modern women the freedom to step outside the house even with the baby and the paraphernalia. When it is feeding time, even in a public place, the mother can use the breast feeding cover and feed the baby in peace. Breast feeding covers allow the baby to comfortably nestle with their mother and blissfully drink their fill. And the mother is also comfortable and at ease while she feeds the baby.

Breast feeding coversby and large made of pure cotton material that is printed in nice attractive prints. The pure cotton fabric is washable and that makes it easy to maintain. The construction of the breastfeeding covers is such that it covers the mother from neck to the lap where the baby is resting. The breastfeeding covers are fixed to the mother's neck like a collar but the collar is such that the front of the collar stays away from the mother's body allowing the mother to see the baby feeding. This also allows the baby to be well ventilated and comfortable.

The size of the breast feeding cover is also large enough lengthwise as well as breadth wise so that no one other than the mother can see the baby feeding. After the feed the breast feeding cover can be folded up and stored in the bag. The folded breast feeding cover hardly takes up any space at all. No wonder the breast feeding covers have become very popular with the modern mothers for the convenience and ease of use. After all the mothers of this age want to breast feed their babies and have found out how to do it.

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