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Your baby is the most wonderful gift from God and now that you are about 7 months pregnant, it's time for a Godh bharai celebration and to welcome the unborn baby to the family. This is the time when the family announces the pregnancy to the community and a function is arranged for both the would-be mother and the baby. Indian traditions to celebrate Godh bharai differ from region to region, but in most cases the mother is offered new clothes, jewelry and cash and the mother seeks blessings from the elders.

Baby shower celebration can be very well a theme based or a traditional get together of family and relatives. Having a theme can be lots of fun, but it depends on individual choice whether to opt for modern or traditional way. Here in this article, we will discuss some amazing baby shower party decoration ideas that can be helpful for you.

Floral decoration: Head for the local flower market and purchase fresh blooms to make a beautiful centerpieces. A good way to make floral arrangements is to stick to one signature flower for example, choose tulips of white and orange color. You can use monochromatic vases of different heights to arrange the flowers.

Gender revealing decoration: If you know that you are going to have a baby boy or a baby girl then the baby shower decoration can be based on the gender of the baby. For boys, you can choose the blue color for tableware, decorations, party accessories and even baby favors. For girls you can choose the pink color and decorate the room with pink colored balloons and flowers.

Paper fan decorations: You can use an assortment of patterned, solid colored and striped paper fans to decorate the room. You can hang two big paper fans depicting the baby and the mommy and hang these decorations as the perfect complement to your party theme.

Colorful lanterns and ribbons: You can decorate the party area with beautiful hanging lanterns and this is a simple and quick way to spice up the room decoration. You can also use banners and colorful ribbons in between the lanterns as filler.

Ceiling decoration: This is a simple way to add life to any room. A variety of great hanging for baby shower decorations can set a mood for the event. You can choose swirls, tissue hanging fans, metallic stars, tissue pom pom and many more.

Childhood memories of mom: You can also decorate the place with childhood pictures of the expectant mom, her toys, and favorite books and greeting cards from parents or relatives that she had received as a child. This is a great baby shower party decoration idea to make the mom feel special.

Scented candles: You can also use scented candles to add a classy touch to the baby shower party decoration. The beautiful aroma will enhance the mood of your guest, but be careful not to use strong scented candles as the smell may choke the would-be mom.

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