Neonate Vs Infant

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It is very clear that the society so much appreciate male children. All families wish to have a boy or boys included in the children they have. Male children help in keeping the family name going. In some cases, women are being blamed for failure to have a boy. The real fact is that a woman is not in any way responsible for the sex of the baby she gives birth to. A woman is just like an incubator that carries any sex of baby that is being ejaculated into her by her husband.


To get a boy, you must first consider the kind of diet that you take. It is very clear that the vitamins and minerals that you put into your body play very important role in how you can have a baby boy and your general reproductive organ health. There are certain vegetables and fruits that are really high in particular vitamins and mineral that is very necessary for a successful male fertilization. Sex position used is another factor to be considered if you are in need of a baby boy. There is a particular sex position that is actually suitable for conceiving a baby boy. It is advisable that you and your partner should try such position and you will be surprised to see that a baby boy is delivered. Read how to conceive a baby boy e-book . The sex position that you can use to conceive a boy can be found in an e-book as well as other useful information that can enable you conceive a baby boy successfully.

Another alternative way is to pay thousands of dollars for a certain medical procedures to have a baby boy. Here, a doctor will extract several eggs from the woman and collect the man's sperm. The eggs would be fertilized in the laboratory and anyone that develops a male embryo will be taken back to be implanted into the woman. Many women are not just comfortable with this process since it is not actually natural. Many women wish to get pregnant for the baby gender of their choice in a natural way in the natural way.

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