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Baby showers are fun, celebratory events and the invitations should reflect the exciting mood. Along with the design of the invitation, the wording can help to set the tone. There are numerous options for baby shower invitations; you may choose to let your creative side out, or you can keep the wording simple by including just the necessary party information.


# 1 Choose the theme and formality of the baby shower, which will set the tone for the wording. A theme that is whimsical in nature can allow for more creative wording, whereas a more traditional shower may require wording that is kept simple and to the point.

# 2 Write the greeting, which tells the guests the meaning of the invitation. For example, “You are invited to a baby shower for Julie Jones!”

# 3 List the details of the shower. This includes the date, time and location of the party. The order of the information is up to your discretion; some people prefer to list the date first and others feel the location should come before the date and time.

# 4 Provide a telephone number and e-mail for the invitees to RSVP. You may want to include a date that the guests should respond by so that you are able to properly plan the food with the caterer. The RSVP contact information can also be used by the guests should they have any questions about the party.

# 5 Tell the guests where the guest of honor is registered for gifts. Let the invitees know if there is a particular theme to the party as well; some may choose to purchase gifts that go along with the theme.

# 6 Inform the guests if there is a particular dress code. Is baby shower more on the formal or casual side?

# 7 Attach directions to the party location to the invitation. You can have separate direction cards printed and attach them to the primary invitation with a paper clip. Paper clips come in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes and you can choose one that matches the invitation.


Include the time and date on which the baby shower will be held. Don't forget to include the day of the week: for example, Sunday, May 5 at 5:00. Make sure you have the correct day of the week.

Give the address of the location at which the shower will be held. Provide a map or directions, when necessary. Identify the location as well: for example, “Nikki's sister's house,” or “the Carson County Community Center.”

Ask guests to RSVP. Provide phone numbers, as well as both the first and last name(s) of the host(s) for the guests' convenience when calling to respond.

Mention something about dress for the occasion. A simple note saying “casual” will work. However, if the event calls for something more, you might say something like, “We thought it might be fun to dress up and make this a real occasion to be remembered.”

Indicate whether or not a meal will be served. If an event is scheduled for 5:00, for example, guests may not be sure whether or not dinner will be a part of the event. Simply write something like, “Please join us at 5:00 for Janna's baby shower and a light supper.”


Before sending invitations, the hosts should decide whether or not the shower will feature a theme. If so, that theme, and the ideas for gifts related to it, should be clearly stated on the invitation. For example, you might say, “Anticipating her first daughter after two sons, Anna is into everything pink” or “Mimi is such a devoted reader that we thought she would like us to all bring favorite children's books.”

Or, if a first-time mother is the honoree, you might include a list of all the basics the new parents will need and write a note to guests saying something like, “The nursery is bare, so any of the gifts on the enclosed list will be appreciated.”

You might send, with the invitation, some 3 by 5 cards with a note reading as follows: “As part of your gift, please enclose one piece of child-raising advice, something you've experienced, something you've found to be helpful from a childcare book or article, or something you remember from your own childhood.”

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